The 6th International Stone Congress, which introduces new technologies to the natural stone industry, will be held between 24-27 August with the theme of "Stone Adds Value - Those Who Add Value to Stone".
The 6th International Stone Congress, where current developments in natural stone exploration, operation and factory production techniques will be shared, is preparing to host valuable topics and guests with a rich program. The congress, which aims to bring together scientists and all representatives of the natural stone industry, will take place in Fuarİzmir under the roof of the 26th Marble İzmir Fair.
26.The Congress, which will open its doors one day before the 26th Marble İzmir Fair, will continue until 27 August. On 28-30 August, social and cultural events will be held for Congress participants to experience cultural and sectoral environments. With the support of visual 3D, VR experiences and virtual realism presentations to be made during the Congress, thousands of year-old techniques, architectural applications and today's production environments will be introduced on site. All information about the congresses, trips, registrations and events can be accessed in Turkish and English at