Why Natural Stone?
Natural stone, which is a visual design wonder besides its quality and durability, is an organic and living entity. Just like a fingerprint, a natural stone has a single structure and form as it is extracted. The vast majority of the future construction industry will need renewal due to the materials used. However, natural stone, which is used in most of the ancient architectural structures, preserves its current form with all its strength, even after thousands of years.
Despite all its uniqueness, the use of natural stone is under threat worldwide. Emphasizing the increase in the imitation industry with the development of technology, experts are united in the common view of "spread, use and market natural stone" against the threat of ceramics and porcelain. From this point of view, there are large organizations around the world ready to cooperate with WSS. These organizations believe that for the promotion of natural stone, it is necessary to invest in promotional and marketing activities at least as much as technology. Porcelain and ceramic are preferred because of their low cost. But the reason for this preference is again its similarity to natural stone. In this direction, WSS takes an active role in the promotion and marketing activities of natural stone, like its other stakeholders in the world.