Mission & Vision
The World Stone Summit (WSS) is an organization that develops within Marble İzmir, the sector's gateway to the world, and aims to add global brand value to natural stone. It conducts an interdisciplinary study by basing this value on both commercial and scientific grounds. It offers solutions for the use of natural stone all over the world. Inspired by the uniqueness of natural stone, it introduces its thousands of years of adventure. For this, it establishes strategic partnerships with other stakeholders in the world in the promotion and marketing activities of natural stone.
It creates a common mind by bringing together the playmakers of the sector. It aims to raise awareness around the world by identifying new trends in the use of natural stone. It encourages environmentally friendly, recyclable and sustainable production with maximum efficiency, minimum waste, of all processes from the moment the natural stone is extracted until it reaches the end consumer. By serving as the authorized source in this regard, it unites everyone working in the sector under one roof.