The Marble İzmir Fair is the place where Turkey, which has 650 types of natural stones in different colors and textures, made its debut in the international arena. While the total natural stone exports were 77 million dollars in the first year of the Marble Fair, Turkey's natural stone exports increased to 2 billion dollars with the contribution of the 25th fair. The Marble Fair is the lifeblood of Turkey's natural stone exports. In the last 10 years, natural stone exports have contributed approximately 20 billion dollars to the Turkish economy. The Fair, which has reached 1,077 exhibitors from 47 exhibitors, 77,395 visitors from 4,000 visitors and 36 countries participation from non-existent international participation in 25 years, contributes to closing the foreign trade deficit of the country.
25. MARBLE İzmir Fair
The natural stone sector, one of Turkey's most important investments in the world market, added value to its value with the 25th Marble İzmir Fair in 2019. The Fair revealed the abundance of color and variety in marble, travertine and granite in Turkey, which is located in the Alpine belt where the world's richest marble deposits are. Bringing together the stones extracted from almost all quarries of Turkey, scientific congresses and events, state-level union participation, national and international exhibitors and visitors, the fair has drawn an important roadmap for the future of the sector.
868 Local Exhibitors
209 Foreign Exhibitors
Participation from 28 Different Countries
77.395 VISITORS 
13.214 Foreign 
150.000 m2 // FAIR AREA 
732 Purchasing Delegations 
More than 10.000 Bilateral Meetings
The 26th Marble İzmir Fair will open its doors at Fuarizmir between 25-28 August 2021.
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