Ways To Ensure The Use Of Natural Stone
WSS proposes two methods to increase the use of natural stone in the world. One of them is industrial and the other is natural. The Western world is now interested in the design and use of natural stone, as well as its production style, and even sets certain production standards for it. The basis of these standards is the environmentally friendly, recyclable and sustainable production of stones, which are a natural resource and therefore likely to be exhausted, with maximum efficiency, minimum waste. A significant part of the natural stone quarries in the world are still unexplored or abandoned with the thought that it would not be economical to make usable products. As this untapped potential becomes usable with the further advancement of stone processing technology, the current share in the natural stone market will increase exponentially. 
WSS aims to raise awareness around the world for best practices in natural stone production. It unites everyone working in the sector under one roof by serving as an authorized source for safety and technical standards and the use of natural stone. It plays an active role in ensuring that the quality of the stone is produced by the manufacturers by performing tests in accordance with the natural stone standards determined by the ASTM - American Society for Testing Materials. Thus, the share in the natural stone market will increase in countries that are at the forefront with their diversity but need to improve their production quality.